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Amor de familia

Amor de familia

4 min 2006 DV
Spanish spoken English Subtitles

Winner of the Maratón AVID HP Xpressate, Documenta Madrid, Spain

A short film made in three days for the AVID HP Marathon in Madrid. Eight different filmcrews were asked to make a short film about ‘Eating in Madrid’. After walking around a whole day in Madrid trying to find the best way to make a film about food, Christina and I decided to go to the El Retiro park and simply ask it’s visitors about their favourite meal and the person who can prepare it the best. We were very much surprised by the original answers.

directed & produced by
Christina Hallström & Dorothée Meddens
photography & sound recording
Dorothée Meddens & Christina Hallström
María José Mateos Alonso

2006 Documenta Madrid