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Dona nobis pacem

35 min 2006 DV

Videotriptych for the Dona nobis pacem concert for choir and orchestra by Vaughan Williams, performed by Stichting Kunstklank, conducted by Herma van Piekeren, may 2006 in the Big or St Jeroen's Church, Noordwijk, the Netherlands

In 1936 the composer Vaughan Williams produced his plea for peace by referring to recent wars during the growing fears of a new one. Walt Whitman's texts show pain and compassion and confront death and destruction with humanity.

The choir in the church is embraced by a large canvas triptych on which a film is projected. During the war the Dutch beach was forbidden area, full of mines and barricades, blocked by the North-Atlantic Wall, barbed wire and pillboxes. Images of people on the beach of Noordwijk before the war flow into contemporary images of the beach and it's visitors now. In a poetic way the different generations are portrayed and the consequences of the war are made perceptible. It is clear that the plea for peace is of all times.

Vaughan Williams
Performed by
the Kunstklank project Choir and Orchestra
Director of music
Herma van Piekeren
Willem de vries
Chantal van der Klugt
Jaco van Leeuwen
Direction, Photography and Editing videotriptych
Dorothée Meddens

3 and 4 may 2006 at the St Jeroen's Church in Noordwijk on Remembrance of the Dead (Dutch: Dodenherdenking) wich is held annually on May 4 in the Netherlands. It commemorates all civilians and members of the armed forces of the Kingdom of the Netherlands who have died in wars or peacekeeping missions since the outbreak of the Second World War.