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Under the Dream

20 min 2008 DV

Under the Dream is an audiovisual installation tailor made for humid environments by Ronald van der Meijs and Dorothee Meddens.

The waters, undefined masses, not only represent the infinity of possibilities, all the actual, all the informal, the germ of all germs, all promises of development, but also every threat of complete disappearance.

Three Water Nymphs show us an image of seduction and primal instinct. They are responsible for an ambivalent emotion of fear and attractiveness. They connect to the element of water in the human self and to the subconscious. They confuse the viewers mind as they show themselves, also knowing how to pull them down to unknown depths.

Under the Dream was first shown in August and subsiquently September of 2008 in Noordwijk. We chose to project the film directly above the surface of an old swimming pool. Here nature took over, since it hadn't been used in years. In that way the location and it's former use as a recreation pool were integrated into the story. The reflection of the images on the surface created new shapes, which can be seen as a metaphor for the confusion in the game of attraction and repulsion.

The images are also linked to the soundscape, which is composed with noises we hear every day. By isolating sounds, reworking them in specific ways and then placing them into a new context a certain abstraction of sound, an alienation was created. The conditional way people perceive unconsciously, has been eliminated in order to create more space for a new interpretation of sound and image.

Seduced Men
Guido de Boer
Peter de Boer
Martijn Gerritse
Ronald van der Meijs
Water Nymphs
Ellen van der Bent
Wendy van der Bent
Jackelien van der Bent

Small Water Nymphs
Laurele Schuurman
Sophie Schuurman
Maxime Schuurman
Camille Schuurman

Ronald van der Meijs

Dorothee Meddens



October 23, 24, 25, 2009
from 19.00 hrs to 24.00
Group exhibition

Polderweg Area

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20 December 2008 - 2 Februari 2009
at the group show
Coming home for Christmas III
KUS Kunstencentrum Signe
Willemstraat 91 a
6412 AP Heerlen
+31 (0)45 5741653

13 August and 3 September 2008 at a secret location in Noordwijk.
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