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films/video installations

Electronic babymirror.

The electronic Baby Mirror

an interactive videoinstallation 1998-2000

The Electronic Baby Mirror is a mirror you can manipulate by being nice to the baby, who is called Touch-Feely. Touchy-Feely is a doll studded with electronic sensors. These sensors are connected up to a computer, which shows your mirror image and that of the baby cradled in your arms. The computer can alter the image according to how tenderly you treat the baby. It may seem funny having to cosset something that is just a bunch of electronics - or is it really alive, does it have feelings? And is the mirror really a mirror, or is it keeping an eye on you as well as on the baby? The reflections change when you squeeze the Touchy-Feely’s left hand, moving the right arm, putting your hand in front of the left eye or rocking the baby backwards. If you squeeze the baby’s right foot, the reflections change to something else. Touchy-Feely’s favourite activity is sitting on your lap and looking in the mirror with you.

Michel Waisvisz and Dorothée Meddens
Image, sounds, creation and execution
Dorothée Meddens
Tom Demeyer

Avignon Cité Numérique, Avignon, France
Open Electronic Festival, Groningen
Touch Festival, Frascati Theater, Amsterdam

IRCAM, Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France
STEIM, Studio for Electronic Instrumental Music, Amsterdam