Maddance Productions


300 x 288
acrylic & oil on canvas
Assignment for private house on Sentosa Island, Singapore

For the assignment of Aquanauts (2012) Dorothée filmed the family's adolescent children while swimming in the water and used the images for the painting.
The painting is made for the second floor, where the family sleeps and has dreams. In dreams we live between reality and unreality, we explore the possibilities. The second floor is in the air, but also looking down on the pool and a pond with the reflection of the air in it. The human figures are kind of floating in the water and at the same time flying in the air in different positions, experiencing weightlessness. Water stands for the infinity of possibilities, the transit state between the informal and the formal, just like adolescence stands for the transit state between being a kid and being an adult, the state of doubt, exploring, experiencing. The painting was made on sliding doors that hide the lift, which can bring you into the height or into the depth.


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